A River, Trail, Mountain or Settlement Runs Through It: Going Global by Starting with Features Close to Home


Educator Kelly Clark shares her ideas on how teachers can make the local global by using a natural feature like a river to teach about geography, economics and history. #KentuckyLeads #raisingglobalchildren @KYDeptofEd

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Study Abroad Could Be So Much Better

Notebook with the world

I’m a big supporter of study abroad, but we must help students prepare for it, experience it, and return better for it. Colleges have a big role to play.

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Moving Abroad? Financial Preparation Pays Off

One of the most important prerequisites for a successful globetrotting experience is to establish a comprehensive partnership with a truly global bank.

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Report from the Field: One Asia Momentum – Full-Speed Ahead

By Diane Gulyas, guest blogger I recently returned from The World Knowledge Forum – a sort of Asian Davos with a heavy Korean flair – held in Seoul every year.  This Forum is no small meeting with 2,000 attendees and 200 international speakers with such high-fliers as former Prime Minister Tony Blair, innovative business leader Richard Branson, CEO […]

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Colors of India

Guest blogger Gretchen Moxcey takes us on her first visit to India for Deloitte business but also has time for taking in the colors of India.

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International News

Flags of the World

I found this past weekend full of interesting international news stories that just further indicate global growth, specifically that in Asia and the Middle East. For instance, in the Washington Post, Delaware Governor Jack Markel writes about his recent trip to China and advocates for the U.S. to follow similar suit: Government-business partnerships: Washington Post to stimulate […]

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Ultimate Outsourcing: Americans Overseas

It’s being called the ultimate outsourcing: Americans looking for jobs overseas. With IBM’s recent announcement of Project Match — in which the company actively encourages employees to take their pink slips and apply for jobs in China, India and Brazil — more companies are sure to follow suit. Some people are outraged. Some are scared. […]

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Recent Grads Head Overseas for Jobs

Female graduate

Many U.S. college graduates discouraged by the tight job market are finding leaving the country to find jobs, adventure and lay the foundation for an international resume. Even with the economy showing some sparks of growth, new grads nationwide face a particularly difficult job market. Across the country, unemployment holds steady at 9-10 percent, while new graduate unemployment is much […]

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What We Need is a Cultural Language Revolution

The United States may be the only industrialized nation in the world where it’s possible to complete secondary and post-secondary education without any foreign language study whatsoever. Although most high schools and colleges/universities sometimes require one or two years of foreign language study for graduation, this small effort won’t suffice if our students are to […]

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International Departures

There’s been a trend or perhaps simply a recurring theme in one aspect of global news in the past year to year and a half: many things international are leaving the U.S. For instance, in the Wall Street Journal on Nov. 4, B-schools Redouble Efforts Overseas notes the decrease in international student applications over the past two years […]

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