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I found this past weekend full of interesting international news stories that just further indicate global growth, specifically that in Asia and the Middle East.

For instance, in the Washington Post, Delaware Governor Jack Markel writes about his recent trip to China and advocates for the U.S. to follow similar suit: Government-business partnerships: Washington Post to stimulate growth.

In the New York Times, a fascintaing pieces explores the rise of world-class museums in Qatar and Abu Dabi as a means to build a new Arab identity within the region and around the world: Building Museums, and a Fresh Arab Identity

In the Financial Times, there is a business story of how HSBC, the global bank based in London, has named a Paul Thurston, to be new global head of retail and wealth management division — who will be located in Hong Kong — the city within the the region that offers the most growth.

In the Economic Times , how young academics from the U.S., Australia and Europe are now flocking to India as teachers to capitalize on the growth of this emerging market.

These stories are a small reflection of the growing globalmarketplace, a place where so many of us need to feel comfortable working and possibly even living.

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