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Today’s employers are increasingly global and – whether you work here or abroad – demand is on the rise for workers with international skills. Learn how globalization has changed the dynamics of succeeding in the workplace and what skills are necessary to differentiate yourself from the pack in your current job or on a new frontier. Award-winning and best-selling author Stacie Berdan will take you through a lively and interactive discussion about WHY everyone needs to start thinking globally.

Stacie is a leading voice in the effort to encourage more people to think globally having been an advocate for all Americans to develop a global mindset for more than a decade. She shares not only her own experience working and living globally, but the experiences of other successful internationalists. She has interviewed thousands of people on a wide variety of topics related to going global, and her research informs both her writing and her speeches. She is a sought-after speaker who has given nearly a thousand speeches to a wide range of groups — from elementary students to top executives — and in all types of venues — from world-class annual business conferences to interactive classroom workshops. Stacie tailors her talks to address your particular audience and begins with your objectives: What is it that you want the audience to come away with?

  • Pursuing an International Career Here or Abroad
  • International Business Bootcamp
  • Developing a Global Mindset
  • How to Leverage Study Abroad in the Job Search
  • Raising Global Children
  • Living and Working Abroad
  • Resetting Your Career Button
  • Personal Branding

Stacie can give a keynote speech, a lecture-style talk or an interactive workshop, as well as put together and facilitate a panel discussion with legislators, business leader and global thought leaders. What ever works best for you. For a sample of past speaking engagements, check out Stacie’s Portfolio/Speaking Engagements.

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