Brazil Moves Onto Global Stage

Brazil moves onto the global stage: Campuses take note
by Stacie Nevadomski Berdan

Brazil has arrived, and its strong economy is capturing attention. Latin America’s largest economy is poised to realize its potential as a global player.
Leading the charge, President Luiz Inacio da Silva has demonstrated the right touch when it comes to economic prosperity. Brazil has benefited from the combination of his respect for financial markets and targeted social programs that bridge the gaps between classes. Millions have actually been lifted from poverty since 2001, while Brazil has also created the third largest number of new millionaires after India and China
This momentum shows no signs of slowing. Brazilian companies like Embraer, Vale and InBev/AmBevare are some of the largest in the world. InBev made big news recently when it bought Anheuser-Busch. Brazil is the fifth most populous democracy in the world, and it sits on vast natural resources—including billions of barrels of oil recently discovered offshore of Rio de Janeiro. With an export rate to the U.S. of just 2.5 percent of GNP, Brazil has not suffered much during the U.S. economic troubles. But Brazil is struggling to meet the growing demands for intellectual capital.
Many American students are increasingly selecting study abroad destinations that offer linguistic, cultural and professional experience in emerging global markets. Enough are noticing Brazil to moved it into the Top 20 such destinations last year at #19, an increase of 28 percent to 1,994 students, according to the Institute for International Education’s Open Doors report.
American campuses can be a rich source of supply of new talent for global businesses. The China bandwagon, although wildly successful, may be getting crowded. Academic leaders can clear the paths to help students tap other growing global economies.
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