Stacie and NNELL

Stacie is a die-hard advocate for language learning and believes in the necessity of starting language learning as early as possible in a child’s life. To that end, she has joined forces with NNELL, the National Network for Early Language Learning, to encourage parents to get involved, kickstart and support language learning programs at the elementary school level. Stacie is a member of NNELL and has written the “Parent’s Corner” for NNELL’s biannual journal, Learning  Languages, since 2012. The magazine is dedicated to bringing the latest thinking on early childhood language learning to educators and parents. If you’re interested in early language learning — parent, teacher or student — membership in NNELL will enable you to stay connected at the national level to support local efforts in your community. NNELL brings us all together to advocate early language learning.

NNELL’s Fall/Winter 2015 Parent’s Corner




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