“Working Globally Through the Pandemic” Podcast!

The pandemic has turned our lives upside down and inside out, roiling our daily life patterns and presumptions. Even the simplest things, like going out for a meal, have changed drastically. So what does it mean for some of the really BIG things, like looking for a job and pursuing a global career?

That’s what my new podcast, in collaboration with GW-CIBER, tackles. “Working Globally Through the Pandemic” presents inspiring stories from seasoned professionals who have embraced a global role and reaped the benefits. We offer practical advice and insider tips for a variety of industries about what it’s like to work globally–and through the effects of COVID-19. We’ll be covering many topics, including:

  1. How different industries have been affected by the pandemic – and what that means for the future.
  2. Which changes that companies have made will become the new ways of doing business.
  3. How technology has played a role thus far—and what can we expect of it for the future.
  4. What trends and opportunities are emerging within the global workforce that job seekers should be aware of.
  5. What skills are necessary to succeeding in the global marketplace in the coming years, and:
  6. What’s it really like to work internationally during the pandemic?

If you love adventure and thrive on taking risks and operating outside your comfort zone, join us as we explore the ins and outs of pursuing an international career!

Click here for Episode 1: Global Human Resources with Steve Miranda

Click here for the Global Careers Podcast Introduction with Professor Anna Helm and Stacie Berdan



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