Now Available! A Parent Guide to Study Abroad

Parents play a critical role in helping their child identify, prepare for and leverage the study abroad experience, but many do not know how to be most effective. Highlighting the importance of knowledgeable yet limited involvement, international careers expert Stacie Nevadomski Berdan, IIE president Allan Goodman, and AIFS president William Gertz, coauthors of A Parent Guide to Study Abroad, have written the first-ever book that arms parents with the right mix of practical information to get involved just enough, while also giving the students the independence to learn and grow on their own.

Released just in time for graduation season and college students’ summer break, A Parent Guide to Study Abroad offers much-needed straight talk on how parents can and should participate in one of the most important decisions of their children’s academic career. This short guide is a must-have for families seeking to better understand the ins and outs of study abroad and how it enhances a student’s path to success in college and beyond. It is a companion volume to the popular book A Student Guide to Study Abroad. Both books are published by the Institute of International Education and the American Institute for Foreign Study Foundation.

“Studying abroad opens our children’s eyes to new ways of thinking about the world. It helps our children learn to solve problems in cross-cultural contexts and supports critical thinking skills,” say Berdan, Goodman and Gertz. “Studying abroad is also one of the best ways for our children to acquire international experience, an increasingly important component to a college graduate’s resume. Parents should do everything they can to encourage their children to study abroad.”

Recognizing that parents are part of what makes education better in every community and at almost every level, the authors make a strong case for the importance of parental involvement that can influence and shape a successful cross-cultural experience, including:

  • Clarifying the value of investing in study abroad
  • Identifying the right study abroad program
  • Figuring out the financials
  • Preparing for success abroad
  • Staying safe and healthy abroad
  • Offering the appropriate mix of support
  • Helping your child leverage the experience for personal and professional success

“In today’s interconnected world, one of the best gifts we can give our children is to help them develop a global mindset so that they will be best positioned for success in our competitive, global marketplace,” say Berdan, Goodman and Gertz. “Each of us has either guided, or is currently guiding, our own children to pursue international experiences.”

Print copies of A Parent Guide to Study Abroad are available from for $4.95, with a steep discount for bulk copies for schools to give out to parents (20 copies for $20.00). A Student Guide to Study Abroad can be ordered for $14.95, with discounts of 30%-50% for bulk orders.