Get Ahead By Going Abroad!

Five years ago, Perry Yeatman and I started talking about how the workplace had gone global and the value of building a global career.  We focused predominately on women. Why? Because our research and our own lives had shown that women were the ones most likely to excel overseas and most likely to benefit from doing it, in terms of raises and promotions.  They were also the ones least likely to actually raise their hand and think they could succeed.  So, in 2007, we began our quest to spread the word, debunk the myths and provide women around the world with the confidence that they too could get ahead by going abroad – and return home to keep reaping the benefits too.

Thousands of books, hundreds of talks and stacks of media clips later, our ground-breaking premise has been proven correct.  Women are successfully going overseas to study and work in record numbers.  And they are reaping the rewards – be that more money, faster promotions or more options and greater control of their careers.  Indeed, today when we speak to women at elite universities across the country, the majority of female students we meet tell us they are at least considering going overseas at some point.  That’s astounding given where we were just five short years ago.  And we’re very proud of the part we’ve played in taking this conversation mainstream and in inspiring women to just do it!  The number of emails we’ve received from those who have taken our advice and made it happen have been so personally gratifying.  But instead of resting on our laurels, these stories of triumph have only inspired us to want to do more.

So today, we are delighted to announce the launch of a new paperback version of our award-winning book Get Ahead by Going Abroad.  This paperback will help us take our mission from raising awareness to actually helping even more women with the practical, hands-on information they need about how to determine if going abroad is right for them and how to do it successfully.  The paperback is critical in taking this message further, faster, because it is even more accessible to everyone.  It costs less.  Weighs less.  Travels better. Whether for yourself or as a gift for that aspiring career woman in your life, for just $14.99 the paperback edition of Get Ahead by Going Abroad is a must have, must read.  Get your copy today!

If you’re interested in sharing your global success story, send an email to and Perry and I will consider it as we post a new featured woman every month!