Book Review: “Tong Wars” by Scott Seligman


Anna Catalano reviews China-hand and historian Scott Seilgman’s latest book, “Tong Wars: The Untold Story of Vice, Money and Murder in New York’s Chinatown” (Viking 2016), which tells a story of the early generation of Chinese immigrants who settled in New York City.

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A Travel-inspired Gift-giver’s Guide for Globetrotters

Travel-Inspired Gifts (1)

Guest blogger, Morgan Abate, a soon-to-be graduate of Elon University, offers up some good gift ideas for the globetrotting friends and family in your life.

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Top Tips for Grads: Financial Advice with a Global Twist

money in hand

Graduation season is upon us and with it lots of practical advice and tips for these newly minted grads. GO Global! is my number one piece of advice and I’ve incorporated it in my my Top Tips with a global twist for new grads.

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News is Spreading…Going Global Grabs Some Spotlight!

Stacie Berdan Talks about Go Global on NBC CT

“It’s a new world…a worker hired in San Francisco…who reports to someone in Bangalore…who sources materials in South Africa…for products to be manufactured in China…to be sold in Brazil. You can work internationally without moving. The world is shrinking.” And people are finally beginning to notice that considering an international career isn’t so crazy after all.

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Are You Ready for a Global Career?

Go Global!

Ever wondered what makes a successful globetrotter? Always wanted to go global but hesitated for fear of failure? Take the Go Global quiz and find out if you’re cut out for the international lifestyle.

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Looking for a Job? Think Globally.

Child has the world in her hands

Globalization is here and now and happening, faster every year, so all of us — especially high school, undergrad and grad students — will need to figure out how to deal with it.

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Don’t Kill Foreign-language Learning

Spanish Class

How can we prepare our students for a global world without foreign language instruction? How can we make America great again while destroying the programs our children need to compete in today’s global marketplace?

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Volunteering — While Learning Spanish — in Central America

Stunning View of Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica

Following up on my last blog, Studying Spanish Along the Pan-American Highway,  this piece will explore some the volunteerism options I’m considering for Spanish-language immersion learning in Central America next year.  Volunteering is a great, inexpensive way to study a language and also learn about the local culture.   And since cultural knowledge and understanding (gestures, […]

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I’ve Got an International Job — Now What?

Which way?

Originally appeared on Huffington Post. Although jobs are tight in the U.S., more openings are popping up in various hot spots around the world as economies elsewhere continue to grow much faster than ours.  I give advice about how to go about finding an international job. Network. Do your homework. Raise your hand high and […]

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Watch Stacie Berdan on CNN

Stacie Nevadomski Berdan discusses the merits of living and working abroad as a woman. Her first book, Get Ahead By Going Abroad: A Woman’s Guide to Fast-track Career Success, won two business and career awards.  

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