News is Spreading…Going Global Grabs Some Spotlight!

Finally!! More and more people are starting to realize that thinking globally, working abroad and preparing to look for a job in the global marketplace — at home or abroad — just might be a good idea. And so with the successful launch of my new book Go Global! underway, I’ve decided to change up my “International Careers Newsletter” a bit and share with you some news and context that really explains where the international careers debate is headed — center stage and soon. In this past week, GO GLOBAL! and I have sparked some great conversations like this one with veteran career columnist Anne Fisher of Fortune/CNN: “Can you get hired for a job overseas?” When I spoke with Anne, she mentioned that she has been getting a remarkable increase in mail from readers (both students and young professionals) asking about opportunities to work abroad. Her piece does the subject justice, and I’m honored to be quoted.

In this same vein, I was asked to be at WPIX studios in NYC bright early on Monday (after spending the day at Ellis Island & Statue of Liberty on Sunday with my family), and I was happy to be there! Craig Treadwell and team totally get the global jobs message; we had a great conversation about the importance, why to do it now, and some top tips on how to do it.

Now that I’ve been on live broadcast TV quite a few times, I don’t panic the way I used to! And so when I received a call late Friday asking if I wanted to go on NBC CT on Sunday to talk about the ins and outs of launching an international career. “Of course!” and off I went to the studios (family in tow) bright and early on Sunday morning to talk to Shirley Chan about  the importance of thinking globally while studying and beyond; how to create winning job-search materials and where to look for those jobs; and the pros and cons of working abroad. The NBC crew was terrific showing my family around the studio that morning — and I even got to mention the terrific school district I live in — one that emphasizes foreign language instruction.

Jobs are on everyone’s mind these days, and just last week the Dept. of Labor and Facebook announced a partnership. I was asked my opinion of the partnership, and I was pleased to have all of my comments included in “Job Seekers Get to Pound the pavement on Facebook.” It is an interesting partnership – and a story to watch.

In addition to the great interviews and coverage, I wrote a few pieces as well, several of which appeared in the Huffington Post: “Looking for a Job? Think Globally” in which I share my views on why going global is a strong option to consider. “Are You Ready for a Global Career?” a quiz to take to see if you’re cut out for a global job (based on research I did with hundreds of internationalists), and the “Super CIBER Experience” about my day at UCONN judging the international CIBER business case challenge that 60 superb students competed in.

In other news, CBS ran a great piece on “In Search of the American Dream, in China” and we learned that the Federal Government has about 60,000 jobs opening up many of which will require language and cross-cultural skills; Singapore is the hottest spot for Japanese nationals; and Brazil has ARRIVED; you can’t get far in most any news outlet without  Brazil popping on the scene.

There are many more stories to share but I have always promised not to overwhelm you with information. As I move to this new format, I will send out weekly or biweekly blog addressing the most pressing questions asked by readers — or hot topics I think you’d want to know about. Go Global!