Media Praise for Raising Global Children!

I’ve had some great reviews of Raising Global Children in the last few months:

On its blog “Worldview” — a place for leaders in the fields of language education, global citizenship, immersion learning  — Concordia Language Villages writes “this book explores the challenges and successes of many Americans who want to foster an important set of global skills in their children to help them both become better citizens and increase opportunities for success in college and beyond.” Read the full review.

For the Huffington Post, Amelia Friedman, founder of the Student Language Exchange, writes that Raising Global Children “excites me not just because of the rich, research-based explanation of the importance of developing a global mindset, but also because of its potential to activate parents and educators as instigators of change. Furthermore, it equips these folks with the tools they need to educate and inspire kids of all ages.” Read the full piece.

Middlebury Interactive Languages did the first of a two-part series on how language learning contributes to raising global children, noting that “Raising Global Children makes a compelling case for why language proficiency is not a luxury for the privileged but a necessity for all American youth.” Read the Q&A.

Concordia, Student Language Exchange and Middlebury Interactive agree that language learning matters and the sooner we start teaching our children the better off they — and we as a nation — will be.