Go Global! Available on Amazon & B&N.com!

Developing a global mindset, building an international resume and pursuing an international career, whether here or abroad, will increase your odds of landing a job today. Globalization is changing the way the world works. Today, employers are looking for people who have international skills and experience. Most Americans don’t. That makes it a definite plus to put on your resume. And if you don’t have the skills, start developing them now.

In a world marked by unstable economies, persistently high unemployment and rapidly changing technology and reading habits, I am releasing this week an eBook written for today’s busy student and young professional that provides substantive, relevant information that is conveyed in brief text, top tips, multi-media links and anecdotes and quotes from experts. Readers have the opportunity to follow up and ask the author questions in real-time, which she will then curate on her blog.

As students and graduates look to finding their first job, and as Moms and Dads continue to worry about how cuts to educational spending – particularly in foreign language learning – affect their sons and daughters’ competitiveness, this book could not be more timely. While the domestic economy remains sluggish, many other countries are growing rapidly. This offers job opportunities for Americans willing to go abroad or build careers involving those other countries.

Some of the many topics covered in GO GLOBAL! include:

  • Developing a global mindset to prepare you for the challenges of working cross-culturally;
  • Building international qualifications through study, volunteerism, work assignments and foreign language learning;
  • Creating a winning global job-search toolkit, including resumes, cover letters and personal branding;
  • Targeting your search by networking, gathering intelligence and identifying growth industries and markets;
  • Looking beyond corporate positions to review options in not-for-profits, NGOs, education and government sectors;
  • Appreciating the legal and practical complexities of pursuing an international career; and
  • Navigating the ins and outs of working abroad.

According to a survey I conducted online with more than 450 experienced internationalists, the industries identified as having the most potential are energy, healthcare, finance, telecommunication, engineering and education.  According to the same survey, the countries with the greatest opportunities for jobs today are China, India, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong/China and Singapore.

Many Americans see opportunity in China’s rise at this time of economic troubles here in the U.S.  GO GLOBAL! includes detailed analysis of the “new China gold rush” and advice for Americans seeking to get involved with China, here or there, in a special chapter by long-time China business-woman Rebecca Weiner.

“In my nearly three decades in and involved with China,” Weiner said, “I have seen hundreds of Americans launch or skyrocket their careers by ‘riding the dragon’ – engaging with China’s growth.  In the process, they have strengthened their companies and improved relations between the two largest economic powers on the globe.  I am happy to help a new generation of Americans understand the options they have available for a China-related job or career.”

I’m excited to be working in e-book format.  I previously authored Get Ahead by Going Abroad, the winner of several business/careers awards, which was published in a traditional format by Harper Collins.  My new e-book GO GLOBAL! takes career advice a step further, serving as a go-to resource for today’s high school and university students and graduates, offering practical, timely advice as well as inviting them into an online community that includes videos, photo essays, Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds on her website that bring the book’s examples to life.

Available as a download to most smart phones or PC and compatible with Kindle, iPad and other popular readers, the e-book retails for $4.99 from Amazon.com and Barnes&Noble.com — very soon on iTunes, among other online retailers.