Expat Yourself

One of the many great things about writing a book is the positive feedback Perry and I get from all kinds of people.  Sometimes it’s a student who was motivated to study abroad and has just landed a job upon graduation in Shanghai. Other times it’s a woman who was inspired to pursue a job opening in Mexico City and is now leading in sales in her region. Many times it’s people who share our passion for going global….like Jeff Parker.

Jeff, who has lived in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Germany and the Czech Republic, wrote to us when he found out about our book. A year ago he started the blog Expat Yourself to inspire others to experience life overseas so they, too, might follow their international dreams. He has a contest going on right now with a great give-away! You guessed it, a signed copy of Get Ahead By Going Abroad.  Winning prize aside, he encourages readers to submit entries of their dream place to live “if you could do your job any where, where would you live?”  It’s an interesting question, and one that I often ask of friends, colleagues and on the speaking scene. It’s not just where you’d want to live, but where you’d want to do your job. The two questions are different.

For me, it’s always a hard question to answer because there are so many fabulous places to live and work. I’d probably decide to split my work living among three of my favorite cities: Auckland, Bombay and Rome. Auckland for the efficient ease of doing business; Bombay because Asia is hot and, after Hong Kong, Bombay is my favoroite regional city for its color and passion; and Rome because of the historical significance, gorgeous architecture and my best friend, Eleonora, lives there; local friends make a difference.
So where do you dream to work? Send in your submission to Jeff.