Do You Have the Right Stuff?

When people tell me they want to live and work abroad, I encourage them. Living and working abroad can be a mind-opening experience. Yet it can also be tough — a real challenge if you’re not ready for it. “How do I know if it’s right for me,” many people ask.  You can start by asking yourself a series of questions — questions that begin to give you an indication if you’re ready for the globetrotting life:

  1. Do you have a real sense of adventure?
  2. Would you consider yourself extremely flexible?
  3. Do you operate well outside your comfort zone?
  4. Do you thrive on diversity – lots of it and all at the same time?
  5. Do you like being in charge, and can you lead among chaos & confusion?
  6. Are you curious – deep-down interested – in what makes the world go round?
  7. Can you build relationships across culture and through a second language?
  8. Are you willing to go the extra mile by using diplomacy & persistence?
  9. Do you know how to listen – and read between the lines?
  10. Can you handle failure?

This list is only the beginning. You should have thoughtful conversations with your HR team, your friends and family, and yourself. Going global is a big step — and one that will probably change the course of your life. Make sure it’s the right course.

Do you have a story to share on how you decided to move to a foreign market?