Living Abroad vs. the Constant Traveler

Interested in an international role? Check out the pros and cons of taking the deep dive and moving abroad vs taking on a “global” job with international responsibilities from home base. Determine which one is right for you.

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UK Research Confirms Women Working Abroad Fast-track Careers


According to a survey from Natwest International Personal Banking, 83% of women who work abroad believe the experience will improve their career prospects.  Check out the full article in The Telegraph here. This research confirms what Perry and I found in our survey four years ago for Get Ahead By Going Abroad: A Woman’s Guide […]

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Women Move Up By Moving Overseas


In honor of International Women’s Day’s 100th anniversary, Stacie Berdan celebrates the adventurous women who decided to take their career global despite the naysayers. She dispels the Top 10 common myths about women working abroad.

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Beads4Dreams: Little Bit of Global in Each of Us

Beads4Dreams Jewelry Made from Handcrafted Beads from Uganda

Guest Blogger Susan Cannarella, an American shares her story on how she started a small non-profit making and selling jewelry made from paper beads handcrafted by women in Uganda as a means to support their families. All proceeds from the sale of this jewelry go to Kiwoko Hospital in Luwero, Uganda to benefit their HIV/AIDs program for children in the community. There’s a little bit of global in each and every one of us.

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Collateral Benefits!

By Anna Catalano, guest blogger Much has been written about the professional advantages of working abroad.  In today’s global business environment, it’s clear to see how important it is to understand and “live” the differences that societies around the world maintain and the uniqueness of each country’s business practices.  But a collateral benefit of having a […]

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Female Managers Paying the Price

More so than ever, today’s woman gets to chart the course that feels right for her; women have the freedom to make more choices.  Yet despite our progress, some of these choices continue to come at a price. Motherhood and a career – and the resulting wage discrepancy between men and women – is one […]

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