Global Mindset Survey Launched – Take it Now!

My writing colleague Rebecca Weiner and I are conducting a series of surveys with teachers, parents and successful internationalists on the topic of raising global children. The results of these surveys will help inform a book that we are writing, but all answers are anonymous.

If you are someone who is interested in and involved with international affairs, who has had or is launching or is amidst a successful global career, and/or who is a parent who has raised young-adult internationalists or is seeking to raise children with exposure to the world — I’d appreciate your taking this short, anonymous survey:

You do NOT need to be a parent — just someone with global awareness. I’d appreciate it if you forwarded this survey link to 2-3 others you may know who fit any of these categories as well.

If you’re a teacher/educator (geared toward K-12, but not exclusively) we have a 5-minute survey for you here: Click here to take survey

YES, you can take both if you’d like!

Bottom line: our desktop research into studies done by others, from Johns Hopkins/SAIS to McKinsey to the Institute for International Education to the US Department of Defense provides ample documentation of WHY global mindset is increasingly important for Americans.  But we have found few to no in-depth studies of HOW parents can go about strengthening global mindset in their children.  This quantitative survey, which we will follow up with in-depth qualitative interviews with a smaller number of respondents, is a step toward filling that gap.

Thank you for your interest and support!