Global Careers are Hotter than Ever!

Global careers are hot and getting even hotter! Go Global! and I were featured in the Careers section (again) of the Wall Street Journal on how “young workers can jumpstart their careers by taking jobs abroad.” And although there are a few misquotes (expat packages still do exist), the article sheds light on the importance of thinking beyond your own borders when looking for a job. Read it here: Work Abroad, Get Ahead.

In UpstartBusinessJournal, formerly, recently relaunched featuring a three-part series bylined by me on global entrepreneur ventures. Going global is not just for big biz but small- and mid-size companies AND for those daring entrepreneurs looking go big! Check out this great online business source, and read the 3-part series here:

Global Marketplace Beckons US Entrepreneurs

Where are Today’s Global Entrepreneurs Going?

Want to Grow Your Biz? Think Internationally.

And since global careers are for everyone, not just Americans, today’s edition of Fabulous magazine features advice and tips from me on how UK women can get ahead by going abroad! If you’re in the UK, check it out — it’s in the Sun — and I’ll post the link when I get it. (I love being able to write that I have been featured in Fabulous magazine!)