Top Tips for Grads: Financial Advice with a Global Twist

money in hand

Graduation season is upon us and with it lots of practical advice and tips for these newly minted grads. GO Global! is my number one piece of advice and I’ve incorporated it in my my Top Tips with a global twist for new grads.

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New York Post Interview with Stacie Berdan


A Q&A with NY Post reporter on why global careers are important and what make a successful cross-cultural worker.

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Women Move Up By Moving Overseas


In honor of International Women’s Day’s 100th anniversary, Stacie Berdan celebrates the adventurous women who decided to take their career global despite the naysayers. She dispels the Top 10 common myths about women working abroad.

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Congress Should Stop Cutting Education: Foreign Language Programs Matter

Spanish Class

As Congress moves to cut the Federal budget, our children will suffer again as Education takes another hit, including foreign language learning.

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MBA Programs Must Deliver Grads Ready for Global Careers or Lose Out to Competition


Originally appeared on Huffington Post on Feb. 15. Although business schools aspire to deliver global MBAs to students, it seems the vast majority are falling short in actual achievement. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) released a report last week titled “The Globalization of Managements Education: Changing International Structures, Adaptive Strategies, and […]

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Getting to Know You — International Style

Child has the world in her hands

School-sponsored International Nights can play an important role in helping children appreciate diversity and begin to be globally aware. They also help bring diverse groups together to embrace one another’s uniqueness.

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To Bee or Not to Bee: Geography Has the Questions (and the Answers)

National Geography Bee

The National Geography Bee offers a fun yet competitive way to learn about the world through geography.

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Why the PISA Debates are Misleading – and Useful

What does the future hold for American students?

The debate about the recent global standardized test scores is off base: We shouldn’t be focusing on China, we should be looking to change what’s wrong with our education system so we can better prepare our students for the global marketplace.

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I’ve Got an International Job — Now What?

get ahead by going abroad

Since the NYT article came out, many readers have asked me “What do I do once I get the job? What’s next?” Make the most of it, one step at a time.

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