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Study Abroad Could Be So Much Better

I’m a big supporter of study abroad, but we must help students prepare for it, experience it, and return better for it. Colleges have a big role to play.

Old Colonial City of Granada, Nicaragua

Studying Spanish Along the Pan-American Highway

Originally appeared in the Huffington Post on July 25.  My family and I just returned from a few weeks traveling through Central America. Originally, we planned on going to Greece and Turkey, but the economic strife, strikes and riots in Greece had us changing our minds – and scrambling for a Plan B.  I wanted […]

Translating Chinese to English

Travel the “China Road” Through Modern-day China

“China Road: A Journey Into the Future of a Rising Power” by Rob Gifford, veteran NPR reporter, takes readers on a journey through the cultural heart of post-Maoist modern China.  As China continues to rise in global economic importance, so do the many books on the Middle Kingdom.  But unless you have lots of time […]

Hero T.E. Lawrence Korda Book

Hero: Life & Legend of Lawrence of Arabia Tops Off My Reading List

I love to read — have for as long as I can remember.  And although I spend a lot of time combing newspapers, periodicals and blogs, nothing beats a great book to  put things in perspective — to give me reason to pause and think.  Since many people ask me and so many others “what […]

What does the future hold for American students?

Why the PISA Debates are Misleading – and Useful

The debate about the recent global standardized test scores is off base: We shouldn’t be focusing on China, we should be looking to change what’s wrong with our education system so we can better prepare our students for the global marketplace.

Spanish Class

No More Cuts! Keep Foreign Language Learning in Schools!

Global is everywhere today.  You can hardly turn on the news or read an op-ed without hearing how our world is growing more crowded and interconnected.  Yet I was dismayed to read a troubling piece in Sunday’s New York Times about foreign language suffering cuts yet again in elementary schools around the country this fall.  In this day and age, American […]

Going Global in Kindergarten

By Rebecca Weiner, guest blogger It’s back to school time, time for little kids to learn big ideas about our complex world.    How can we ensure that along with ABCs and 1-2-3s, our kids gain the global awareness needed for an ever-more inter-connected future? My daughter Sarah’s kindergarten at our local public school, Edgewood, offers […]

Networking International Style

Last night I attended a World Affairs Council (WAC) event in Hartford, an advance screening of “Great Decisions in Foreign Policy” 2011 Television Series on PBS that took place in selected cities across the country. Attendees provided comments and opinion on camera to round out the series with audience interaction. Our “Great Decisions” topics were “Is American power fading?” […]

Expat Yourself

One of the many great things about writing a book is the positive feedback Perry and I get from all kinds of people.  Sometimes it’s a student who was motivated to study abroad and has just landed a job upon graduation in Shanghai. Other times it’s a woman who was inspired to pursue a job opening in Mexico […]

What We Need is a Cultural Language Revolution

The United States may be the only industrialized nation in the world where it’s possible to complete secondary and post-secondary education without any foreign language study whatsoever. Although most high schools and colleges/universities sometimes require one or two years of foreign language study for graduation, this small effort won’t suffice if our students are to […]

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