Ultimate Outsourcing: Americans Overseas

It’s being called the ultimate outsourcing: Americans looking for jobs overseas. With IBM’s recent announcement of Project Match — in which the company actively encourages employees to take their pink slips and apply for jobs in China, India and Brazil — more companies are sure to follow suit. Some people are outraged. Some are scared. […]

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No More Cuts! Keep Foreign Language Learning in Schools!

Global is everywhere today.  You can hardly turn on the news or read an op-ed without hearing how our world is growing more crowded and interconnected.  Yet I was dismayed to read a troubling piece in Sunday’s New York Times about foreign language suffering cuts yet again in elementary schools around the country this fall.  In this day and age, American […]

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Recent Grads Head Overseas for Jobs

Many U.S. college graduates discouraged by the tight job market are finding leaving the country to find jobs, adventure and lay the foundation for an international resume. Even with the economy showing some sparks of growth, new grads nationwide face a particularly difficult job market. Across the country, unemployment holds steady at 9-10 percent, while new graduate unemployment is much […]

Today’s Students Must Embrace the Global Economy

The global economy is here. Large-scale employers, multinational companies and all types of organizations want and need, more than ever, employees with international experience. Today’s newly minted grads find themselves on the front lines of an increasingly competitive global marketplace, competing for jobs from Boston to Beijing to Barcelona to Bombay. Students who begin building […]

Internationalists Make Better Managers

According to an article published in Harvard Business Review‘s September 2010 issue, “People who have international experience or identify with more than one nationality are better problem solvers and display more creativity.”  EXACTLY.  Essentially, professionals with such experience prove to be better managers overall. Organizations need and want such managers.  That’s what Perry and I have been saying ever since Get […]

Going Global in Kindergarten

By Rebecca Weiner, guest blogger It’s back to school time, time for little kids to learn big ideas about our complex world.    How can we ensure that along with ABCs and 1-2-3s, our kids gain the global awareness needed for an ever-more inter-connected future? My daughter Sarah’s kindergarten at our local public school, Edgewood, offers […]

Female Managers Paying the Price

More so than ever, today’s woman gets to chart the course that feels right for her; women have the freedom to make more choices.  Yet despite our progress, some of these choices continue to come at a price. Motherhood and a career – and the resulting wage discrepancy between men and women – is one […]

Runway Ripoffs Tailored in China?

One of the perks of a global career is the international shopping, and so a recent article in the Personal/Finance section on the web of the NY Times peaked my interest. The topic was whether or not it’s legal to have copies of your clothes made in Asia.  This topic is near and dear to my heart for […]

Networking International Style

Last night I attended a World Affairs Council (WAC) event in Hartford, an advance screening of “Great Decisions in Foreign Policy” 2011 Television Series on PBS that took place in selected cities across the country. Attendees provided comments and opinion on camera to round out the series with audience interaction. Our “Great Decisions” topics were “Is American power fading?” […]

Expat Yourself

One of the many great things about writing a book is the positive feedback Perry and I get from all kinds of people.  Sometimes it’s a student who was motivated to study abroad and has just landed a job upon graduation in Shanghai. Other times it’s a woman who was inspired to pursue a job opening in Mexico […]

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