Italy’s Brain Drain

Graduates in Italy seem to be leaving the country in droves and it’s beginning to show.

Pardon My French, We’re Teaching the Wrong Languages

An interesting POV in WSJ on which languages to teach/learn and how for tomorrow’s success. Hint: It’s not French.


Edgewood and Zhongshan: Comparing “Safety Consciousness”

Business woman and mother, Rebecca Weiner describes her observations of children on playgrounds in the U.S. and in China.

China’s New World Order

In their recent meetings, Obama and Jintao discussed China’s ‘new world order, in which [China]‘s needs come first.’ Robert J. Samuelson of the Washington Post reports on the disputes between China and the US involving trade, subsidies, international businesses, and technology.

International Currencies

Moving Abroad? Financial Preparation Pays Off

One of the most important prerequisites for a successful globetrotting experience is to establish a comprehensive partnership with a truly global bank.

Stacie Berdan advises students on how to launch an international career.

10 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Going Global

I give a fair number of speeches and participate in many career conferences and panels across the country — both on campuses and within organizations — and almost always the question comes up: What can I do to increase my odds of being sent on a global assignment?  The answer is: Many things of course, […]

Donsol, the whale shark capital of the world

A Whale of a Shark Story: Swimming with Gentle Giants of the Sea

Swimming with the whale sharks, the gentle giants of the sea known as “butanding” in Donsol, Philippines, was an amazing experience. We took advantage of a business trip of Stacie’s to Hong Kong (and one we brought our daughters along for the international experience) to add a stop-over in Manila to see a friend. He recommended swimming with the whale sharks and off we went on an eco-adventure of a lifetime.

Career Journal: Where to Look for Jobs in 2011 (in India)?

Wall Street Journal’s India Real Time notes that in 2011, Indian companies are ramping up hiring to sustain their rapid growth. Industries include construction & real estate, pharmaceuticals, education, manufacturing and retail.

Graduates’ jobs gloom bodes ill for Japan recovery

Unemployment remains at record-highs in Japan for new graduates, which does not bode well for the country overall as the tradition of hiring new workers as retiring workers go upsets the economic apple cart.

A Broadening Horizon

Study abroad matters and although it’s expensive, there are ways to make it work — and new places to go such as China, India and South Africa.

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