Stacie’s Contributions to Huffington Post


Stacie has been a contributing blogger at the Huffington Post since 2008. Below is a sampling of her Huff Po blogs: “Creating a Global Classroom” “What Will It Take to Increase Study Abroad” “Study Abroad at the Olympics” “10 Tips for Raising a Global Child” “Give the Gift of Local Global Adventures” “12 Must-have Gifts […]

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Is Study Abroad Right for You – or Someone You Know?

Old Colonial City of Granada, Nicaragua

For most college students, the allure of studying abroad can be intoxicating. That’s because students tend to initially focus on the “abroad” part. But make no mistake about it: studying abroad is a serious undertaking.

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Kahuna Host


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Study Abroad Survey Launched with IIE and AIFS

Notebook with the world

If you have studied abroad in the past five years, please take this survey designed to inform my next book. Pass it on to others who have as well!

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Edgewood and Zhongshan: Comparing “Safety Consciousness”


Business woman and mother, Rebecca Weiner describes her observations of children on playgrounds in the U.S. and in China.

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China Remains Hot Spot for Executives & Managers

China officially overtook Japan as the world second largest economy this year. As such it’s an increasingly important job market for western executives because China is central to most every global company’s business strategy today. In fact, if you want to get to the top tomorrow, you’ve got to gain experience in China today. According […]

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