What’s Your Study Abroad Journey?

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Guest blogger, Wagaye Johannes, writes about a new initiative between IIE and the New York Times in Education designed to inspire students to share their study abroad experience through a digital storytelling contest with a chance to win big prizes.

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My latest book, “Preparing to Study in the USA” is Available Now!


International students are seeking a combination of intellectual and cross-cultural experiences that will prepare them to succeed in the global marketplace. With billions of dollars of funding, cutting-edge research and innovation, and unmatched flexibility on more than 4,700 campuses, the United States offers unparalleled educational opportunities. We hope students and their parents will find this book a useful overview and guide to the sometimes confusing array of information available today.

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Experiential Learning in the United States and Beyond

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A graduating senior reflects on how her international experiences on campus at Elon University and abroad offered her a tremendous opportunity to grow personally and prepare for her next step: a career in communications.

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Study Abroad Could Be So Much Better

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I’m a big supporter of study abroad, but we must help students prepare for it, experience it, and return better for it. Colleges have a big role to play.

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Now Available! A Parent Guide to Study Abroad

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Hot off the presses, this guide is packed with practical information written specifically for parents who can champion study abroad as an essential component of a child’s education.

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Satellite Campuses and the Study Abroad Experience

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Last week I was invited by the New York Times “Room for Debate” to contribute my opinion on whether global universities help or hurt higher education. My response is below.

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Go Global News Round Up


It’s been a very busy fall for me speaking and writing, and I haven’t had as much time as I would have liked to share what’s new. So I’ve decided to do “news round up” of sorts here.

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Understanding and Dealing with Culture Shock

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Whether you’re going abroad for work, study, volunteer or pleasure, the odds are you will experience culture shock. Although culture shock hits those harder who are moving abroad, even if only for a few months, everyone experiences it somewhat, so it’s a good idea to recognize the symptoms and have some tips to deal with it.

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Is Study Abroad Right for You – or Someone You Know?

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For most college students, the allure of studying abroad can be intoxicating. That’s because students tend to initially focus on the “abroad” part. But make no mistake about it: studying abroad is a serious undertaking.

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What Will It Take To Increase Study Abroad?

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The Institute of International Education wants hundreds of thousands more U.S. students to study abroad by the end of the decade. That’s a tall order, even for an organization considered to be the leader in international education exchange.

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