Are You Ready for a Global Career?

Go Global!

Ever wondered what makes a successful globetrotter? Always wanted to go global but hesitated for fear of failure? Take the Go Global quiz and find out if you’re cut out for the international lifestyle.

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Go Global! Featured on WPIX NYC Channel 11

Stacie Berdan on the WPIX Set with Craig Treadwell

WPIX NYC’s Craig Treadwell interviews International Careers Expert Stacie Nevadomski Berdan about her new book, GO GLOBAL! Launching an International Career Here or Abroad

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Looking for a Job? Think Globally.

Child has the world in her hands

Globalization is here and now and happening, faster every year, so all of us — especially high school, undergrad and grad students — will need to figure out how to deal with it.

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Go Global! Available on Amazon & B&!

Available on Amazon and B&N as an eBook for $4.99.

Go Global! hits the eShelves this week, selling for $4.99. Filled with practical advice and job-seeking strategies, this book is the go-to resource for anyone looking to make a markin today’s global economy. From high school students to mid-career professionals, Go Global! will make a difference!

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NPR “Marketplace” Piece on Working Abroad; Go Global! Featured

Go Global! Launching an International Career Here or Abroad

NPR’s “Marketplace” did a series on jobs last week, and I was interviewed and Go Global! featured. With the U.S. economy still sluggish, more and more professionals are turning their sights to fast-growing, developing markets around the world: China, India, Brazil, Singapore, United Arab Emirates.

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Career Counseling POV from an On-campus Expert

Brian Hirsch, Director of Career Counseling at Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas

By Guest Blogger Brian Hirsch, Director of Career Services for Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. It is always great to talk to students who have an understanding of the inter-connectedness of the world into which they will graduate.  I often get comments, sometimes thrown out rather casually, that students are interested in international work […]

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Go Global! Due Out this Summer

My next book, Go Global! Launching an International Career Here or Abroad, is a little late due to some technical difficulties (that’s what happens when you’re a trailblazer!) but it should hit the app store and eBook shelves this summer — just in time for students to take a copy with them as they head […]

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Why Teaching English in a “Small Town” is the Best Way to Launch Your Career in China

Guest Blogger Leslie Forman describes why teaching English in China is the best way to launch your job in China.

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Go Global! Don’t Underestimate Foreign Language Learning

Beth shares a relaxing moment at a fountain in Madrid.

Beth Cubanski writes about the important role foreign language learning has played in her life so far and her exchange student experience while still in high school. She’s currently a freshman at American U in Washington, D.C.

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Learning About the World through MUN

Kelly Crissy and her moderator, Patricia Zamora, take a break to pose during an intense GatorMUN weekend.

Guest blogger Kelly Crissy shares her Model United Nations experience over the past two years, including how it has helped her begin to understand the need for proper preparation for working cross-culturally.

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