Globally Competitive Does Not Mean Globally Competent

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As parents, teachers, administrators, politicians and businesses, we must work together to revamp our school districts and curricula so that we graduate globally competitive and competent students who are prepared to work in the global marketplace. We cannot say that we’re preparing our students for the 21st century if we don’t include foreign language study.

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Guest Blogger: Moving to Beijing After Graduation – A Year in Review

GG Guest Post Terracotta Warriors

Nathan Nault has spent the last year in Beijing; he moved after he graduated. Read about his adventures so far!

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Top Tips for Grads: Financial Advice with a Global Twist

money in hand

Graduation season is upon us and with it lots of practical advice and tips for these newly minted grads. GO Global! is my number one piece of advice and I’ve incorporated it in my my Top Tips with a global twist for new grads.

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Guest Blogger: One Soon-to-be Grad’s Advice on Going Global

HongKong (480x640)

Maria Villaquiran, a soon-to-be-graduate from The George Washington University who hails from Colombia, shares what she’s learned about developed and developing markets during her travels.

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Guest Blogger: One Recent Grad’s Leap Abroad

Sunset at Camps Bay

Interested in interning abroad? Check out this piece by Guest Blogger Jennifer Quayle who shares her POV on interning in Cape Town, South Africa. Go Global!

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Go Global! Now Available in Paperback

Go Global! Launching an International Career Here or Abroad

Global is everywhere. Competition is fierce. Are you prepared to work in the global marketplace?

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Preparing Our Students for the Global Marketplace

Stacie Berdan Speaking

If you’re a career counselor, student or recent grad even remotely interested in how to prepare to land a job in the increasingly global marketplace, read on.

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The Right Study Abroad Program Can Make a Difference

Shanghai view of Pudong

Students who’ve studied abroad have a leg up when seeking jobs. Although traditionally for liberal arts students, study abroad is changing now as employers, students and universities realize that it has wide-reaching benefits to all students. Whether you are an employer, parent, student or campus counselor, you’ll want to read about how study abroad continues to change.

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Why Working Abroad is A Good Option — and How to Do It

Go Global!

My last few blog posts inspired many people to write in asking for specific actions they can take — as students and professionals — if they’re thinking about an international career. One of the reasons I wrote Go Global! was to share the knowledge that I’ve built up over the past 20 years — and because it’s not that easy to answer in a blog post! However, here’s the abridged version, if you will, but make sure this is your first stop of many before you take the plunge because going global is serious business.

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News is Spreading…Going Global Grabs Some Spotlight!

Stacie Berdan Talks about Go Global on NBC CT

“It’s a new world…a worker hired in San Francisco…who reports to someone in Bangalore…who sources materials in South Africa…for products to be manufactured in China…to be sold in Brazil. You can work internationally without moving. The world is shrinking.” And people are finally beginning to notice that considering an international career isn’t so crazy after all.

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