A River, Trail, Mountain or Settlement Runs Through It: Going Global by Starting with Features Close to Home


Educator Kelly Clark shares her ideas on how teachers can make the local global by using a natural feature like a river to teach about geography, economics and history. #KentuckyLeads #raisingglobalchildren @KYDeptofEd

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Making Language Immersion Fun, Camp-style


Looking for summer camp options with a twist? Something unlike any other program, yet fun for kids aged 7-18? Tucked away in the northern woods of Minnesota is one of the best-kept secrets in language learning in the U.S.: Concordia Language Villages. #languagematters #langchat #raisingglobalchildren #generationstudyabroad

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Creating a #NationofAdvocates: From 90% Target Language to 90% Retention


Guest blogger, Grant Boulanger, writes about the race and gender disparity affecting students taking world languages and offers first-hand tips for educators to contribute to the solution: Inspire students with meaningful, relevant, fair, joyful and effective language learning so that students keep learning and coming back for more. #NationofAdvocates

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Leadership for Gender Equality


Guest blogger, Anna Catalano, a global thinker who is interested in leadership in all aspects of life, shares her perspective on how raising our children is the most important factor in addressing gender equality issues in the workplace. #leadership #globalbusiness #diversity #womeninbusiness

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Sealing the Deal on Biliteracy


The Seal of Biliteracy encourages language learning from an early age and celebrates it—something that has disappeared in today’s school districts across the country as language programs are cut just when we need them most. Get involved. Make a difference. Join the movement: #2bilit2quit

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West to Key West

Mike feeding the tarpin Keys

Veteran travel writer, Marshall S. “Mike” Berdan, shares his Top 10 sites to see while traveling the 113 miles on US1 from Key Largo to Key West.

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Stacie Berdan Launches New Go Global Video


Inspiring video created for K-16 students, educators, administrators & parents about the importance of developing a global mindset — and HOW to do it.

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Raising Awareness: People on the Thai-Burmese Border

Betty Berdan

My daughter, Betty Berdan, is going to Thailand in March, where she will volunteer at the Burma Children’s Medical Clinic and a local school. She is raising funds to donate to the organization. 100% of her donations go to the people in need living on the Thai-Burmese border.

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Media Praise for Raising Global Children!


Raising Global Children continues to receive praise from language learning experts.

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Go Global News Round Up


It’s been a very busy fall for me speaking and writing, and I haven’t had as much time as I would have liked to share what’s new. So I’ve decided to do “news round up” of sorts here.

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