Making the Most of it Maxims: Living & Working Abroad

Stacie Berdan at Hong Kong Baptist University

Working abroad is not necessarily what you’re used to, and it’s imperative to keep this point in mind. Learning to live and work in another culture takes time and focus.

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Living Abroad vs. the Constant Traveler

Interested in an international role? Check out the pros and cons of taking the deep dive and moving abroad vs taking on a “global” job with international responsibilities from home base. Determine which one is right for you.

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Top Ten Tips for the Aspiring International Executive

Get Ahead Book final complete cover.indd

If you or someone you know is considering an assignment abroad, be sure to read this list of 10 tips for the aspiring global worker.

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Guest Blogger: Moving to Beijing After Graduation – A Year in Review

GG Guest Post Terracotta Warriors

Nathan Nault has spent the last year in Beijing; he moved after he graduated. Read about his adventures so far!

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International Travel: One of the Benefits of a Global Career

Hindu Temple in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Although I speak and write often about the professional benefits of working abroad, an international career also offers a great deal of fun!  One of the best perks for me comes in the form of travel. During the course of my three years in Hong Kong, my husband and I managed to visit most every […]

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Moving Abroad? Financial Preparation Pays Off

One of the most important prerequisites for a successful globetrotting experience is to establish a comprehensive partnership with a truly global bank.

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Do You Have the Right Stuff?

Is Going Global Right for You?

When people tell me they want to live and work abroad, I encourage them. Living and working abroad can be a mind-opening experience. Yet it can also be tough — a real challenge if you’re not ready for it. “How do I know if it’s right for me,” many people ask.  You can start by […]

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A Tale of Two Expats

An interesting comparison in the Economist about Western expats in China and their Chinese counterparts in the West.

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An American Academic’s Perspective on Moving Abroad

Many people ask me about the differences in moving abroad if you’re a corporate type, civil servant or academic. This first-person narrative published in the Chronicle of Higher Education aptly describes many of the common obstacles facing transfers, as well as those specific to academia.

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