Global Careers are Hotter than Ever!


Go Global! was launched last September yet continues to generate significant media attention. Latest buzz in the Wall Street Journal, Upstart BusinessJournal and Fabulous Magazine! Check it out and launch your Go Global! career today!

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Globally Competitive Does Not Mean Globally Competent

FT2Aug.2007 (2) (640x426)

As parents, teachers, administrators, politicians and businesses, we must work together to revamp our school districts and curricula so that we graduate globally competitive and competent students who are prepared to work in the global marketplace. We cannot say that we’re preparing our students for the 21st century if we don’t include foreign language study.

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Guest Blogger: One Soon-to-be Grad’s Advice on Going Global

HongKong (480x640)

Maria Villaquiran, a soon-to-be-graduate from The George Washington University who hails from Colombia, shares what she’s learned about developed and developing markets during her travels.

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Investing in Women Pays Off for Business

Stacie Berdan and 6 Panelists at GWU-CIBER event (640x427)

Investing in women has a multiplier effect for economic growth. Since we know investing in women pays off, now it is time to put our money where our knowledge shows it will be most effective — in women.

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Go Global! Featured on WPIX NYC Channel 11

Stacie Berdan on the WPIX Set with Craig Treadwell

WPIX NYC’s Craig Treadwell interviews International Careers Expert Stacie Nevadomski Berdan about her new book, GO GLOBAL! Launching an International Career Here or Abroad

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Travel the “China Road” Through Modern-day China

Translating Chinese to English

“China Road: A Journey Into the Future of a Rising Power” by Rob Gifford, veteran NPR reporter, takes readers on a journey through the cultural heart of post-Maoist modern China.  As China continues to rise in global economic importance, so do the many books on the Middle Kingdom.  But unless you have lots of time […]

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Beads4Dreams: Little Bit of Global in Each of Us

Beads4Dreams Jewelry Made from Handcrafted Beads from Uganda

Guest Blogger Susan Cannarella, an American shares her story on how she started a small non-profit making and selling jewelry made from paper beads handcrafted by women in Uganda as a means to support their families. All proceeds from the sale of this jewelry go to Kiwoko Hospital in Luwero, Uganda to benefit their HIV/AIDs program for children in the community. There’s a little bit of global in each and every one of us.

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MBA Programs Must Deliver Grads Ready for Global Careers or Lose Out to Competition


Originally appeared on Huffington Post on Feb. 15. Although business schools aspire to deliver global MBAs to students, it seems the vast majority are falling short in actual achievement. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) released a report last week titled “The Globalization of Managements Education: Changing International Structures, Adaptive Strategies, and […]

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Hero: Life & Legend of Lawrence of Arabia Tops Off My Reading List

Hero T.E. Lawrence Korda Book

I love to read — have for as long as I can remember.  And although I spend a lot of time combing newspapers, periodicals and blogs, nothing beats a great book to  put things in perspective — to give me reason to pause and think.  Since many people ask me and so many others “what […]

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China’s New World Order

In their recent meetings, Obama and Jintao discussed China’s ‘new world order, in which [China]’s needs come first.’ Robert J. Samuelson of the Washington Post reports on the disputes between China and the US involving trade, subsidies, international businesses, and technology.

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