Making Language Immersion Fun, Camp-style


Looking for summer camp options with a twist? Something unlike any other program, yet fun for kids aged 7-18? Tucked away in the northern woods of Minnesota is one of the best-kept secrets in language learning in the U.S.: Concordia Language Villages. #languagematters #langchat #raisingglobalchildren #generationstudyabroad

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Creating a #NationofAdvocates: From 90% Target Language to 90% Retention


Guest blogger, Grant Boulanger, writes about the race and gender disparity affecting students taking world languages and offers first-hand tips for educators to contribute to the solution: Inspire students with meaningful, relevant, fair, joyful and effective language learning so that students keep learning and coming back for more. #NationofAdvocates

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Experiential Learning in the United States and Beyond

Morgan 1

A graduating senior reflects on how her international experiences on campus at Elon University and abroad offered her a tremendous opportunity to grow personally and prepare for her next step: a career in communications.

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Go Global News Round Up


It’s been a very busy fall for me speaking and writing, and I haven’t had as much time as I would have liked to share what’s new. So I’ve decided to do “news round up” of sorts here.

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What Does Language Proficiency Mean?


Proficiency in a second language takes a lot of practice — or time on task. ACTFL’s AAPPL test can determine a student’s level and help track progress over the years.

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10 Tips for Raising a Global Child

Connie & Betty at Chinese STARTALK Immersion Camp

We must inspire our children to be curious about the world and to become globally aware. We must teach our children to appreciate, communicate and interact with people across different cultures and in other countries — and that includes learning a second language as early as possible and studying abroad if feasible.

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PISA Is a Wake-up Call but to Whom and For What?


There are plenty of stories to be found on the “wake-up call” that’s needed (but we said the same thing three years ago), but what, exactly, are we being called to “wake up” to? As a parent and business person who advocates for greater global awareness and more foreign language learning in our schools, a few things stand out.

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The Importance of Raising Global Children

Berdan Raising Global Book Cover.indd

Raising global children is one of the most important things that we, as parents, can do for our children – and for the long-term prosperity of our country. Working together, teachers and parents can raise global children, expanding their personal horizons and opening up a world of personal and professional opportunities.

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Why Study Abroad?

Notebook with the world

For parents, advisers and students….In my talks on campuses, many students express an interest in “just having fun” while studying abroad, so they’re planning on taking a few classes pass/fail and traveling around. They want to know, is that so wrong? It all depends on what the objective is.

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Applying to College? Make Sure You Have Options to Study Languages

College application

Choosing a college is tough. You want the fit to be right, but you also want to graduate and get a job. Read on for some alternative thinking on choosing the best campus.

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