Women Helping Women


Women can help other women on small, medium and large scales in every country around the world. Networking and sharing can be cross-cultural acts of kindness and smart economics.

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Go Global! Available on Amazon & B&N.com!

Available on Amazon and B&N as an eBook for $4.99.

Go Global! hits the eShelves this week, selling for $4.99. Filled with practical advice and job-seeking strategies, this book is the go-to resource for anyone looking to make a markin today’s global economy. From high school students to mid-career professionals, Go Global! will make a difference!

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Funny Side of Working in China

Go Global! Launching an International Career Here or Abroad

In my new book, Go Global! Launching an International Career, I provide practical tips on how to prepare for and launch an international career. It includes a full-length chapter on launching a career in China. Don’t miss it – it will be available on Amazon and iTunes in a few weeks!

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Travel the “China Road” Through Modern-day China

Translating Chinese to English

“China Road: A Journey Into the Future of a Rising Power” by Rob Gifford, veteran NPR reporter, takes readers on a journey through the cultural heart of post-Maoist modern China.  As China continues to rise in global economic importance, so do the many books on the Middle Kingdom.  But unless you have lots of time […]

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Hero: Life & Legend of Lawrence of Arabia Tops Off My Reading List

Hero T.E. Lawrence Korda Book

I love to read — have for as long as I can remember.  And although I spend a lot of time combing newspapers, periodicals and blogs, nothing beats a great book to  put things in perspective — to give me reason to pause and think.  Since many people ask me and so many others “what […]

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Getting to Know You — International Style

Child has the world in her hands

School-sponsored International Nights can play an important role in helping children appreciate diversity and begin to be globally aware. They also help bring diverse groups together to embrace one another’s uniqueness.

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Collateral Benefits!

By Anna Catalano, guest blogger Much has been written about the professional advantages of working abroad.  In today’s global business environment, it’s clear to see how important it is to understand and “live” the differences that societies around the world maintain and the uniqueness of each country’s business practices.  But a collateral benefit of having a […]

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Colors of India

Guest blogger Gretchen Moxcey takes us on her first visit to India for Deloitte business but also has time for taking in the colors of India.

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