Get Ahead by Going Abroad

Get Ahead Book final complete cover.inddNow, more than ever, international experience is critical. Working abroad can fast-track your career, broaden your professional capabilities, increase your pay and expand your personal horizons. And for recent graduates, working overseas may be the single greatest opportunity to land a job that not only pays the bills, but launches you on a successful career track despite these tough economic times.

Women: Working internationally is probably the single greatest opportunity for you to fast-track your career. Contrary to assumptions in many organizations, women usually excel abroad.

Mid-career Professionals: Global managers are hot these days. Corporations, non-profit organizations and governments all recognize that they can best compete if they have a diverse workforce with a rich mix of skills, perspectives and experiences.

Recents Grads/Students: Global marketplace increasingly offers more opportunities to new grads. Landing that first global gig can be difficult, so be prepared to acquire necessary skills and differentiate yourself in job search.

Get Ahead by Going Abroad is the go-to resource that reveals how women, single or married, can leverage this trend to showcase their skills and move up quickly on their own terms. Written by two women who did so with huge success, the book is packed with candid, instructive anecdotes and examples from their own and others’ experiences, and step-by-step guidance for securing and succeeding in an international position. Yeatman and Berdan show how women at every level can benefit from an overseas posting: young professionals seeking to break out from the pack, mid-career women interested in new challenges with increased responsibility, or senior executives in pursuit of positions in executive management. Get Ahead by Going Abroad helps you get further, faster—and have fun along the way. It gives you the strategies to land the assignment, thrive in the job, and enjoy the lifestyle abroad.

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“. . .Girl Scouting applauds Yeatman and Berdan’s amazing effort to highlight cross-cultural understanding and international experience. . . .” — Kathy Cloninger, Chief Executive Officer, Girl Scouts of the USA
. . .a ‘must-read’ for all women who aspire to climb the corporate ladder.” — Harold Burson, Founding Chairman, Burson-Marsteller“Fun and informative. A must-read for all women who aspire to have exciting international careers.” — Irene B. Rosenfeld, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Kraft Foods, Inc.

“I cannot think of wiser advice for young women, and even the seasoned professional will pick up some pearls.” — Adrienne Graves, Ph.D., President and CEO, Santen, Inc.

“I would have benefited from having access to Get Ahead by Going Abroad before beginning my international career.” — Joyce E. Erony, Managing Director, Sanders Morris Harris, Life Science Opportunities Funds

“The book, a down-to-earth, step-by-step guide to getting and keeping a job in a foreign market, is a must-read for anyone who is serious about going global.” — -Fortune

“There is no other book quite like this, a recommendation in itself.” — Library Journal

“Whether you work for a non-profit or a corporation, global experience counts.” — Bill Johnston, President, Jane Goodall Institute

“Why pound the pavement in Peoria, when you could be strolling in Paris?” — Carolyn Tieger, Partner and Global Public Affairs Leader, Porter Novelli

“[A]n excellent, practical guide for any woman considering this option in today’s global economy.” — Chad Holliday, Chairman & CEO, DuPont